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IHS Class 1967

56th Class Reunion 

Dear Class of 1967:

A big thank you to those attending our small 56th reunion at the Indianola Country Club last Saturday. Good company and a good meal! I think I can speak for all that we enjoyed seeing each other again and catching up. Photos are posted below.

In 2027 we’ll celebrate our 60th! Be sure you keep Mary informed (Indianola1967.com) if you change your email address, as that’s the only sure way to keep you informed. Little by little, email addresses have been dropping off. If you’re in touch with other class members, remind them too, please.

Also, if you have anything to post, you may contact Mary to send it out to all. I’ll be looking into our Facebook page, as well, as another option for staying in touch.

Hope to see you in 4 years, in some form or another!

Susie Shupe



CLASS MEMBERS: Seated Row: l to r, Sharon Orfield Utsler, Sue Sorden, Terri Needles Crabb, Lynne Van Clark, Steve Pfaff

Back Row, l to r: Duane Robinson, Dennis Bellman, Sarah Herrick Keegan, Cheryl Runciman Shipman, Helen Davitt Ripperger, Kathy Goodwin Brackney,

Susie Shupe, Jon Rinehart, Frank Rasko





50th High School Reunion

 Group photo courtesy of Tim McConnell Photography

Click on image for larger view

1st row:  Dennis Davison, Rick Gebhart, Dennis Woodruff, Kayla Wright Ballard, Donna Conn Jirsa, Paula Dudley Parker, Diane Mathias Potter, Terri Needles Crabb, Maurice Moffitt, Gary Potts, Larry Turner.

2nd row: Diana Fry Pfaff, Mary Carpenter MacKenzie, Carolyn Johnson Caskey, Myrna Sill Couch, Louise Welshhons Johnson, Sharon Orfield Utsler, Cheryl Runciman Shipman, Susan Nyswonger McCracken, Nancy Kail Worfel, Susie Shupe, Lynne Van Clark.

3rd row: Galen Vinson, Fred Staude, Norton Peterson, Ruthie Utsler-Smith, Dennis Bellman, Barb Norris Baldwin, Larry Aldridge, Sue Sorden, Sarah Herrick Keegan, Lois Smart Sheridan, Betty Stutsman Griffiths, Rosalind Wood, Judi Vanordstrand Ferguson, Rodney Haworth, Rick McLearnon, Kurt Wells, Jon Rinehart.

4th row:  Duane Robinson, Scott Smith Ahlsmith, Rob Bower, Johs Bogh Christensen, Rick Pepoon, Frank Rasko, Katie Hunter Chapman, Leon Butters, Dick Cole, Jerry Cellan, Steve Pfaff, Ken Mika.

Those attending not pictured:  Gary Brown, Dan Aldridge, Bambi Cero, Clayton Overton, Jim Chaplin, Kathy Goodwin Brackney, Linda Decker Hoch, Mae Ball Johnson, Cindy Mock Kretzmeier, Gary Downey, Donna Piper Taylor and Steve Hoover.


Informal photos by

1. Louise Welshhons Johnson

2. Susie Shupe

3. Nancy Kail Worfel

4. & 5. Myrna Sill Couch




































•   Jon Rinehart  4/21
•   Charles Bailey  3/12
•   Susan Nyswonger (McCracken)  9/23
•   Sarah Herrick (Keegan)  9/21
•   Scott Smith (Ahlsmith)  8/23
•   Jerry Cellan  8/4
•   Mary Carpenter (MacKenzie)  9/13
•   Wayne Woolery  7/28
•   Nancy Kail (Worfel)  4/14
•   Sheryl Cass (Cass)  1/28
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2 live in Alabama
5 live in Arizona
4 live in California
8 live in Colorado
4 live in Florida
2 live in Idaho
1 lives in Illinois
2 live in Indiana
92 live in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Michigan
8 live in Minnesota
4 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in Oklahoma
1 lives in Rhode Island
1 lives in Texas
2 live in Virginia
3 live in Washington
3 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Denmark
12 location unknown
46 are deceased


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 55.5%

A:   91   Joined
B:   73   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)